Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is designed to equip youth to help transform their own communities.

Through YEP, Twin Cities youth are among those learning to become key participants in making their communities safe, nurturing places for all residents.

Community-based mentoring is a key element of every activity. Each activity focuses on reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors in the lives of young people through leadership development, service to other, and civic engagement. Currently, the Youth Empowerment Projects consists of two programs: Advocacy training and the Youth Empowerment Summit.

Advocacy Training

Through a creative partnership, World Vision collaborates with churches, schools, and community organizations for this 20-week, in depth local youth leadership and civic engagement training series. The curriculum focuses on skills that will last a lifetime, including:

  • Developing personal, organizational, and community leadership skills.
  • Engaging in Advocacy
  • Growing capacity to develop policy, make law, and engage the federal government through advocacy.

World Vision’s youth development staff and other mentors creatively engage the talent, passion, energy, and gifts that young people bring to our world. Participants learn to identify issues that are important to them and their peers, and develop a presentation to share their concerns with congressional leaders.

Youth Empowerment Summit

The Youth Empowerment Summit is the culminating event of the Advocacy Training. The four-day summit in Washington, D.C. offers 100 young people from World Vision’s U.S. Programs sites around the nation the opportunity to experience civic engagement firsthand. During the summit, graduates of the Advocacy Training present their ideas for community improvement to their respective federal lawmakers.

During the summit, these building leaders receive personalized coaching and mentoring from World Vision policy advisors, and are accompanied by these same advisors on their visit to Capitol Hill. Through workshops presented at the summit, participants learn the importance of consensus building, conflict transformation, cultural awareness, and other key skills that increase their capacity to lead.


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