Women of Vision

Women of Vision (WoV)?

We are women of diverse ages, backgrounds, and circumstances–united in Christ to serve and walk alongside those in need.

Women of Vision is a volunteer program of World Vision, comprised of local chapters across the United States. Our goal is to educate, inspire and equip women to use their God-given gifts and resources in compassionate, mutually life-changing service for impoverished and oppressed women and children worldwide.

Are you a woman of vision?

Become a member:

Connect with like-minded women, both locally and globally, from wherever you are. You will have access to online, print, and other resources as well as opportunities to help you be informed, educated, and engaged.

By becoming a member, you are eligible to join our Twin City chapter social network, The City, or our local “Heart of the Matter” Bible Study which meets one to three times a month in Minneapolis. Each study has a unique focus, including a biblical understanding of poverty and our role in serving those in need; best practices in transformational community development; women and poverty; advocacy and social justice; and “mothers on a mission”–helping our children serve and give.

Join us as we initiate conversation and projects to serve the children in the Twin City Metro area. To learn more or to become a Partner or to renew your partnership, click here.

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Receive the latest news and volunteer opportunities by joining our email list. Please contact Debbie May at 612.623.9234 ext. 2230 for more information.

Support us: 

Prayer, members, volunteers, and financial donation make this ministry happen. You may donate by becoming a member ($50 for the first year, and $25 annually after the first year), or by making a one-time gift online or by phone or mail.

Pray for those who we serve 

  • Educate members and our communities on root causes and interventions for those living in poverty
  • Advocate for injustices faced by women and children
  • Serve in local ministries
  • Support the work of World Vision through fundraising, volunteering, events and personal engagement.


One Response to Women of Vision

  1. Thank you Twin Cities WOV for all of your hard work, and for the servants heart you have! We not only want to thank you verbally, but we also have a fun giveaway if you’re interested in participating (:

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