Resources & Relief

Meeting Essential Needs

The Warehouse Staff

When families do not have the essentials for daily life, their children’s development, health, safety, and overall well-being are profoundly affected. World Vision serves to fill basic needs that many Americans take for granted, such as soap, shampoo, household cleaning materials, and clothing.

School Supplies

To help promote learning among children who attend schools in the Twin Cities’ low-income neighborhoods, World Vision’s Storehouse provides the school supplies many families cannot afford. In partnership with the Kids In Need Foundation, the Storehouse in the Twin Cities supplies teachers in low-income schools with the learning tools essential to success in the classroom.

Building Material Center

Building Materials

Building materials such as lighting, plumbing fixtures, and appliances, are also made available to our member organizations.

Emergency Response and Disaster Relief

Relief supplies are pre-positioned resources at our Storehouse serving the Twin Cities area, and are provided to local organizations during the initial phases of a disaster response–when needs are most acute, and during long-term recovery. These organizations in turn ensure the goods are distributed to those in greatest need.

Teacher Resource Center (TRC)

How we Work

Manufacturers, retailers, and other corporate donors supply World Vision’s Distribution Centers with clothing, daily essentials, and school/office supplies, all aimed at improving the quality of life for families battling the damaging effects of poverty. These donated items are organized and managed in eight strategically located warehouses across the United States.

World Vision’s Distribution Center partners with local churches, shelters, schools, clinics, and other organizations that serve children and families. We provide those organizations with first-rate product from our generous donors, and they, in turn, see that the goods are distributed to those in greatest need.


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