Targeting Hope in the Twin Cities!

Join Community in Preventing Youth Violence through “Targeting Hope” Conference!

According to the City ofMinneapolis, youth well-being is increasing. More youth have experienced higher quality jobs, graduation from high school, and less violent crime—16% less, this year since this time last year, in Minneapolis.

What’s Made the Difference?

Collaborative efforts among teachers, social workers, law enforcement, and others interested in child well-being have shown youth their value, restoring hope in their minds.

Healthy youth and children are the key to improving our communities!

Save the Youth, Save your Community

Targeting Hope is an energetic, one-day learning event on October 22, 2011 at The Glover Center in Minneapolis. This event is for any individual or community organization committed to working together to improve the well-being of children and youth in our community.

World Vision serves as a catalyst to equip and convene local experts and practitioners, increasing their collective capacity to develop and transform communities through encouragement and workshops.

World Vision –Twin Cities will be the tenth World Vision site to host the Targeting Hope event.

Derek Lane, president of The Mendenhall Ministries, participated inMississippi’s Targeting Hope conference this past March. He considered the event to be a highlight of their ministry year: “Months after [Targeting Hope], we continue to hear stories of how participants were inspired and their skills sharpened to continue work in their respective communities.”

Workshops include “Living the Full Life: Understanding Youth and Child Well-Being”; “Community Youth Development: An Approach to Community Transformation”; and “Understanding Poverty in theU.S.”

Not only will Targeting Hope participants learn the reality of poverty in their local community, they will also learn new tools to equip youth for “life in all its fullness,” as well as methods for combating poverty in their own communities.

This event costs $25 per person. To register, call (612) 623-9234, extension 2230 or online:

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