A Flood of Volunteers from Upper Room!

Recently, the World Vision-Twin Cities warehouse was flooded with volunteers: Flood Kids!

Flood Kids help WVTC sort out school supplies, showing Truth in Action!

Upper Room Church had a camp from July 26-28, 2011 for fourth and fifth graders who wanted to “experience what it means to put faith into action” while “explor[ing] what it means to serve others.”

Their mission? “To Let what we do in here fill the streets out there.”  Not only were the helpers well-behaved, they were enthusiastic! The kids made tedious sorting tasks in our World Vision storehouse fun through games and singing along to the radio.

“I had KTIS playing in the background, and I loved hearing the kids sing along to many of the songs, and/or exclaiming, ‘Oh, I love this song!’” says Warehouse Specialist Kirsten Melvie, “The leaders were awesome to work with as well.   Besides keeping the kids on task, they played little games as they were working to keep the kids engaged and excited about what they were doing.”

The students also spent time learning about the issues of poverty and social justice as they discovered God’s plan for their action to be part of the solution to a better world.

As for the World Vision Twin Cities warehouse, the helpers left us with a better organized school supply area and big smiles on our faces!

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