New shoes= Healthy, Happy Feet!

Shoe Distribution to Minneapolis Elementary Schools

Father & son

World Vision distributed new canvas tennis shoes to more than 600 elementary children with the help of Women of Vision.

The first shoe distribution was to Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary. Volunteers in orange World Vision T-shirts set up shoe stands by size in the school gymnasium. The after-school program youth came through, all smiles—first to find out their shoe size by Women of Vision volunteers, and then to find their new pair of shoes.

“Some kids come from big families, and their little feet grow quickly, making new shoes a must!” said Debbie, Senior Project Manager at World Vision Twin Cities. 

Many children put their new shoes on right away, eager to have shoes that matched their friends.

The second shoe distribution had a surprise team-bonding experience at Jordan Park, otherwise known as Hmong International Elementary. The semi-truck was too big for backing into the school parking lot. So students formed a block-long line to carry the new shipment of shoes into the building, organizing the shoes by size—giving the future volunteers a nice break!

Not only had the students shown great team spirit, but the shipment built suspense for kids, since the shoes would not be distributed until a few weeks later at the “end-of-the-year” school picnic.

Not only had kids carried in boxes for the distribution itself, but a few helped break down boxes and pick up shoe-box scraps as well—the day wrapped up well for both the volunteers and all the happy feet.

Volunteers at second shoe distribution

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