Timeline: YEP events leading up to Washington D.C. trip!

 February 10, 2011: Launch 1st YEP Program for World Vision Twin Cities!



February 28:Youth and Adult Partnerships become a favorite event with the YEP youth. Ann Wanchena of World Vision Twin Cities, Marque Jensen & Norman Harrington from Sanctuary CDC, and Paulita Toddhunter from Minnehaha Academy form small groups, act out skits with YEP youth, and teach about youth and adult partnerships.

March 10-12: Siblings of Virginia Tech-shooting victims visit YEP youth with the Mayors Against Illegal Guns semi-truck that displays the number of shooting-related deaths since  the Tucson incident. Stories and a mission for better gun control were shared and the youth open-up about their own experiences. Mary Johnson and other mothers from “Two Mothers” of “From Death to Life”  share and support youth about their losses. This begins their partnership with YEP.


March 26: Youth hop in a van to tour Minneapolis and St. Paul cities, learning more about foreclosures and community challenges, while sharing different thoughts and feeling evoked by different city settings. They take pictures for the media project DVD which will share their stories– they will share the 12 minute DVD with supporters and Legislators, as well as with their families and communities.


May: YEP youth survey more than 200 people and interview 4 community organizations, growing their passion for which policies and changes they want to advocate for.

May 2: City Council member Don Samuels and “Elder of St.Paul,” Bobby Hickman, tell YEP youth about the history and present state of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

May 14: YEP youth join with Love Minneapolis, a program of Sanctuary CDC, to serve Minneapolis residents through yard work at the home next to the May 11 Minneapolis shooting. Youth interview Marque Jensen of Sanctuary CDC and begin developing ideas for policy recommendations.

May 18: Lissette and Merci speak with From Death-to-Life board members about World Vision and YEP as well as ways for the two groups to partner. Lissette is now serving in leadership roles with the board and ministry.

May 19: YEP youth visit Youth Link, a drop in center for homeless youth, to learn more about the resources they provide and how they impact youth violence in the Twin Cities.

 June: YEP Youth participate in a prayer walk and memorial wall at a resource fair put on by MADDADS and From Death to Life. They honor lost friends on a memorial wall in remembrance of loved ones lost to shootings.

June 13: YEP youth practice their policy presentation for Don Samuels.




June 16: Youth spend a Day at the MN State Capitol advocating for support of youth initiatives and stronger gun policies to three different representatives.

July 11-16, 2011: Youth attend the Youth Empowerment Summit Event in Washington D.C.!

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